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Guidelines for Growers for Quality of Pomegranate Fruits.

Maharashtra Pomegranate Growers Research Association has given few of the key points for successful cultivation & quality production, to fetch better price from market (domestics & overseas) for Pomegranate Fruits..

Ganesh Bhagwa
Mridula Phule Arakta

Key points for quality Production of Pomegranate


> Planting of pomegranate is to be done in light soils i.e. up to 45 cm depth.


> Pomegranate planting is to be done at 4.5 x 3.0 m distance (i.e. 740  trees/ hectare)


> The daily water requirement of Pomegranate is calculated on the basis of evaporation rate of the particular locality and the irrigation should be given through drip. If the drip irrigation facility is not available, then full grown tree of pomegranate are to be irrigated with flow irrigation at an interval of 8-10 days in summer, 13-14  days in rainy (in the absence  of rains) and 17-18 days in winter seasons.


> For protection of pomegranate crop against diseases and pests, adopt preventive measures as per recommendations given by the Agriculture Universities.


> Soil drenching of 0.1 % carbendazin solution @ 5 liters per tree followed by soil application of 25 g  Trichoderma + Pacelomyces + 5 kg FYM mixture per tree 2-3 months after carbendazin drenching.


> Soil drenching of 0.1 carbendazim solution @  10  liter per tree be done into two rows around wilted pomegranate trees and also increase the rate of Trichoderma +  Pacelomyces application five times/tree, to avoid wilting of trees.


> For growth of trichoderma in the soil, apply the FYM @ 2 kg / tree for every two months.


> Soil application of neem cake @ 2 tonnes per hectare at the time of bahar treatment and after three months, apply 40 kg Phorate 10 G in the soil near collar region to control nematodas attack .


> Paste application to the trunk of pomegranate plants with Lindane 0.05% or chloropyriphos 0.1% to be done for the control of shot hole borer. Geru @ 400 g/lit. of water be dissolved for overnight. Next day, add to it insecticides Lindane 20 EC 2.5 ml or chloropyriphos 20 EC 5 ml and copper oxychloride 2.5 gm per liter of water, make the slurry by agitation and  apply to tree trunk (Swabbing) with the help of cloth made brush. Also drenching to be done with Lindane / chloropyriphos plus c.o.c  as per above quantity @ 5 lit. per tree near root zone.


> For control of stem borer insect, the insecticide fenvalerate 5ml/lit. or Dichlorvols 10 ml / lit. to be aaplied with the help of injection syringe in the holes of stem and plugged it with the help of mud.

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