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Total export from India Export Value Rs 92 Million
Varieties grown in Maharashtra Ganesh, Mrudula, Aarakta, Bhagwa (Ashtagandha/Shendri)
Area under crop in Maharashtra 93,500 Hectares
Maharashtra’s Production 6,01,500 MT
Availability July to September, Nov to March
Major export to Middle East, UK, Holland Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Egypt, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait and Sri Lanka.
Varieties in demand Internationally Ganesh &  Bhagwa

maha anar

  Export Specifications
    Middle East

The Netherlands/Germany


 Ganesh, Bhagwa

300-450 gm Red 250-300 gm Red 250-300 gm Red
  Arakata, Mrudula 200-250 gm Deep red 200-250 gm Deep red 200-250 gm
Deep red
Packing   5 kg 3 kg 3 kg
Storage   5 °C 5 °C 5 °C
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