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Pomegranate News (Dalimb Vritta) Marathi quarterly publication

Ganesh Bhagwa
Mridula Phule Arakta

Pomegranate News i.e. Dalimbvrutta (Pomegranate news in Marathi), is published every quarterly in regional language "Marathi" by Maharashtra Pomegranate Growers Research Association. It is referred by pomegranate grower members as operational manual for pomegranate quality growing. It covers all aspects of cultivation practices, water managment, nutrient managment, pest managment, harvesting, post harveest managment, market information, Export related information and also information onn activities related to production, processing marketing and events. It has a reader base of nearly 20,000 pomegranate grower / members presently.

The life membership subscription fee is Rs. 760/- only.
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